Welcome to our collection of additional content and resources relating to the Friction/Reward book.

This page is home to extra Friction/Reward stuff, or click here if you’re ready for our commercial SaaS Friction/Reward solution. Dive into our blog for lots of new case-studies, longer versions of familiar ones and a selection of left-field friction/reward thought. For copies of the templates featured in Friction/Reward, click the pink buttons and have at it!

If you’ve arrived here from the book, thank you so much for buying it, makes it feel like the whole thing was worth it. I’d love to hear your feedback, the rough as well as the smooth, so please do get in touch. If you get a chance to stick a review on the site of your favourite (or most tolerated) bookseller too, I’d be massively grateful because it’s your reviews that make the book easier to buy.

Patent Situation: I’m delighted for you to use the methods and templates included here and outlined in the book to solve your commercial challenges. However, various aspects are currently protected by both copyright and patents pending in the UK, USA and Europe. You would be in breach of these patents, for example, if you wanted to incorporate this methodology into a commercial product for sale to third-parties. You’d also be in breach if you were to ask your existing agencies to create solutions built on them. The core FvR metric is, of course, completely open. If in doubt, get in touch and we will always help.

As an extra bonus, we've released a monthly game for you all to play. Prizes for the monthly winners.

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